Frozen Yogurt at Myog

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We all remember the big trend Wakaberry & Marcel’s created with their frozen yogurt branches. Good or bad, frozen yogurt has been part of many of our culinary experiences.

Frozen yogurt to many has become a “healthier” option treat to satisfy a sweet tooth. Others see it as  a lunch time break, snack between classes, quick date or catch up and so on. The options are endless. It does not matter witch way you see it, there is always a time and a place for frozen yogurt.

On a night wondering through the streets of Stellenbosch we discovered this amazing “new” bar of sorts; MYOG. Small , really small compared to most frozen yogurt shops, considering the quantity feet coming through the door. If I should paint a picture with words:  It’s a small, green and pink themed room filled with two counter tops (one for serving the treats and one for enjoying them) along with some of the best and friendliest staff in Stellenbosch. They truly make you feel welcome and appreciated.

We were staring blankly at the menu not knowing what we want when one of the staff members noticed and said, “First timers?”  to which we replied that we have never been there. Before we could finish our sentence he had already taken a  sample cup and filled it with one of their four flavours for us to taste. And then the sensations began…


You will just have to visit the branch to see the rest of the Logo. Photography | Jason vd Merwe Photography

PLAIN; it’s not everyday that you find a plain flavour to knock you out of the park and go beyond your expectations. Well this was literally THE BEST spoon of frozen yogurt that we have ever consumed in our lives. It was rich, creamy, soft and really tasteful. It was nothing like any other frozen yogurt. Normally frozen yogurt has a bit of a grainy texture, but no, this was like eating fine dinging Paco Jet Ice Cream made by top class chefs in South Africa. The best thing about this is that it is 98% fat free. And that was just a quick taste of the plain. More was still to come. Each month Myog produces two new flavours, and a “limited edition” flavour along with the plain. In our visit the available flavours were plain, fudge, oreo and rooibos.


Plain & Oreo flavoured frozen yogurt with toppings such as; yogurt peanuts, fudge, berry jellies and chocolate peanuts. At the back is a frozen yogurt iced coffee. Photography | Jason vd Merwe Photography

The next thing that really impressed us about this place is, the toppings. Who doesn’t love taking spoonfuls of fruit, sweets, biscuits etc. and stuffing it into your cup. Myog definitely supports that. For only R13,50 more on a medium size cup of frozen yogurt (priced at R25,00 in our opinion a really generous amount) you get unlimited number of topping choices from their collection. We decided on chocolate peanuts, fudge, brownie, yogurt peanuts and strawberry jelly sweets (there are many more to choose from). They will happily supply you with a big spoon of each topping and when we thought that the cup was full, he just said, ” there is always space for more, we will even make a space if we must.”


staff member filling the cup up with some lovely fudge Photography | Jason vd Merwe Photography

All in all this is FANTASTIC frozen yogurt, really in-expensive and you are treated to world class service and friendly smiles. This is a must visit  for all, we have not yet been to the Seapoint or Gardens/ Kloof branches but we are confident that it is just as great. To stay on top of the flavours they are running as well as specials and promotions follow them on Facebook here


Inge enjoying her spoonful of Myog’s fantastic frozen yogurt. Photography | Jason vd Merwe Photography

Thank you for reading we hope you enjoyed it and look forward to hearing your feedback after visiting Myog Frozen Yogurt.

Words by us | Inge Koper & Jason vd Merwe

Photography by | Jason vd Merwe Photography  | Website